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Gardening in the “Sand” Hills: January to March

January is the time to lime and fertilize your garden – shrubs, trees, lawn and flower beds. Liming and fertilizing should be done two times per year at six months intervals.

Lime: Sandy soils are acidic and lime will raise the Ph. It also provides calcium and magnesium, two important minerals for healthy plant growth.

For shrubs and trees, use one handful of pelletized dolmitic limestone per foot of height. For turf and flowerbeds, use 40 pounds per 1000 square feet. And don’t forget now is the time to prepare your vegetable gardens: tomatoes require a lot of calcium to prevent “blossom end” rot.

Fertilizer: Fertilize shrubs and trees now using organic Holly Tone 4-3-4. Use one handful per foot of height.

Check your yard and gardens for vole and mole damage. Pine voles eat roots and bulbs and moles eat grubs and insects. To help control these pests, use Permo Till when planting. Other repellants are:

  • ‘I Must Garden’ organic repellant, a castor oil and botanical oils safe for both children and pets
  • Liquid Fence (Note that this has a strong odor that will linger in the air until it dries but remains on vegetation.)

Look for our post on Tree/Shrub Bloom Times