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March & April Reminders

Spring Tune-Up from Pete’s Desk!

  • Time to Pellet Lime and Rototill you garden plots and flower beds (40 lbs per 1000 sq ft); This will expose insects and fungi to the cold weather which will result in few summer time problems.
  • Early bulb plants are on their way up, remember to lime and fertilize your bulbs just as you would your shrubs.
  • Just around the corner, Daphne, Odora, Star Magnolias, Tulip Magnolias, Apricots, and Forsythia will be blooming…these are some traditional shrubs that do well in the Sandhills.
  • When fertilizing your shrubs be sure to use 1 cup of pellet lime per 1 ft of height and 1/2 cup of 9-15-13 fertilome per 1ft of height.